Improve Your Health by Tapping into the Love Shared Between You and Your Partner

best pain relief Bethlehem PA ChiropractorHealthy relationships take work, especially during challenging times. And sometimes it becomes easy to place your focus on the negative stuff, rather than on the happy moments. This can put you both in a rut.

The good news is sometimes all it takes is a simple perspective shift …you have power together.

When it comes to your health, the simple fact remains that a lasting marriage—or a healthy long-term relationship of any kind—brings positive benefits to both partners.

You know the phrase used in a marriage vow, “For better or for worse”? Well, there are actually a large number of studies highlighting what makes a marriage work, “for better”—particularly in relation to your overall health and well-being.

Your relationship can provide an opportunity for partnership in an area other than sharing finances and raising children. You both can work together to improve each other’s healthy state of body and mind. Imagine what you could do if you learned to harness this! As sociologist Linda Waite puts it, “Marriage is sort of like a life preserver or a seat belt. We can put it in exactly the same category as eating a good diet, getting exercise, and not smoking.”

To be fully supported in your self-care, I offer that these tips, along with a visit with your loved one to the chiropractor, can be a good place to begin opening your eyes to new healthy possibilities. Here’s how you and your partner begin your journey together to improve each other’s health and state of well-being:

      • Exercise together. When couples meet, chances are each of them has his or her own regular exercise regimen – hopefully! If he or she does, accept that it may be different from your exercise routine – respecting that everyone has different goals. As an example, she may prefer aerobics or running, while he prefers sporting activities like golf and tennis. Here is an opportunity to “cross-pollinate”; for couples to participate in each other’s exercise regimens from time to time. Naturally, working out together tends to keep both parties exercising regularly, because you’re doing it as a team, not on your own. Additionally and most importantly, you can be spending more quality time together and getting to know each so you feel happier, and more connected. This plays an essential role in one’s health.
      • Learn from each other’s food preferences. What matters here is that you both work together in creating meals. If one person enjoys being in the kitchen more than the other, still trying to work together makes healthy changes last. Take time to learn what you and your partner love to eat so the healthy meals you both create may expand food choices for both of you. Think you hate broccoli? Well, that was before you tasted your spouse’s recipe for it, right? Eat too many salty or sugary snacks while watching TV? That was before your partner shared his or her recipe for veggie snacks with the cucumber-coriander dip. As a general tip, health experts say you should look carefully at your partner’s food choices and follow the lead of the person with the healthier diet.
      • Lose unhealthy weight together. Just as your relationship provides an opportunity to inspire each other when it comes to exercise, it can also be a godsend when one or both of you needs to drop a few unhealthy pounds. Agree on your mutual weight loss goals, and then go shopping together, stocking your kitchen with foods that support those goals. Whether you’re trying to cut down on sugar, fat, salt, or working to add more greens and fiber, working together on choosing a healthier diet can be a lot easier than doing it on alone.
      • Don’t forget the “V” word. Vacations! Both men and an increasing amount of women find themselves in a work rut, failing to find time for vacations. Then they wonder why they get sick or even find themselves depressed. Planning a vacation together gives both parties the opportunity to decide on the destination and activities that will be relaxing for both partners. Vacations are magical! If more couples took yearly vacations, there would be a significantly lower risk of death and critical illness than those who did not.
      • Learn things together. We all know how easy it is to get motivated to try something new on your own. What’s more difficult is to get somebody else, like your spouse, motivated to do the same. Here’s how to put this into perspective. Lots of things are “easy” to do one way, but it doesn’t mean that they are the only way. For example, keeping the same old stagnant routine, vegging out on Facebook, or sitting in front of the TV is easy versus committing to nightly couple walks.Studies have shown that each gender has his or her own strengths. For example,in the area of achieving better health practices, such as self-care and diet (making healthy food choices), a woman is often better able at getting her man involved in the process. This is reported to influence success (Burke, LE, et al. (2011).Self-Monitoring in Weight Loss: A Systematic Review of the Literature.J Am Diet Assoc. Jan; 111(1): 92–102). And scientists conclude that men adhere better to instructions, especially when engaging in new health changes for the first time, suggesting that they are better in getting started and sticking to the program than women. Use this information for you and your partner’s advantage, by using the strengths of each other in learning and remaining motivated about your health goals.If you recruit your partner and learn together, you’re more likely to actually stick to a new health routine.As an example, inviting your spouse to come with you to your chiropractic appointment is a great way to get him learning all about what you’re doing and why it’s beneficial to overall health. Getting you partner involved in your self-care and considering his own, is a great door-opener to gaining partner support in many health habit changes you both desire to make.
      • Go to bed together. No, I don’t necessarily mean, “Go to bed and have sex together”, although that’s good for your mutual health, too. Instead, studies have shown that couples with similar sleep schedules are healthier and have fewer incidences of common diseases. Chronic sleep deprivation is becoming a national public health issue, so if you can work out a compatible sleep schedule with your partner, chances are it’ll make both of you healthier and happier.
      • Laugh a lot. Let’s face it… how many of us laugh out loud when we’re alone? Do it too much and people might even begin to think you’re weird. But if you’re like most people, one of the reasons you chose your partner is because he or she makes you laugh. There have been numerous studies showing that the more genuine laughs you have per day, the healthier you probably are. So keep amusing each other, and keep laughing at each other’s jokes. It might just provide the mechanism for laughing together for the next 50 plus years and what’s not to like about that?

Togetherness is love and health for all around you. Self-care can be supported and ignited by the full involvement of your significant other. We always enjoy speaking to the ones you love about your progress and what we are doing. Please feel free to bring them in and give us permission to share. And if you are new to chiropractic care, ask me about what a subluxation is and how it can possibly be the cause or result of your pain and poor energy levels.

5 Do-it-Yourself Ways to Prevent Back Pain and Stay Active

Best Bethlehem PA Chiropractor for Back PainYour family and friends love you, and your health care provider’s job is to take good care of you. The bottom line, however, is that only you can take the very best care of yourself physically, emotionally, and energetically.

Without your own willingness and do-it-yourself attitude in self-care, your health and life may suffer. There are certain things that can put you on your back, literally. Some of these things are body pains in your neck and back as well as injury and severe fatigue that can accumulate.  These problems can take you out of doing what you love during your days and weekends.

The fact is, in any activity you can tell when you are beginning to feel some degree of body resistance or pain. What’s important to remember is that no matter what the activity or the intensity you put into it, your muscles are going to be in constant use. Because of this, almost anything you do from high-intensity cycling to desk and computer work can lead to a buildup of tension in your muscles and stress on your joints, leaving you in pain. You may feel tension or strain in your shoulders, neck or back or just feel exhausted, aged and achy.

As an experienced chiropractor serving Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, I know true change starts with you. I can show you methods that will help you stay active, remain healthy, and enjoy a beautiful body for decades to come!

To get a handle on your own pain, here are five do-it-yourself ways to prevent back pain:

  1. Understand Your Body

Pay attention to the way your muscles move when you sit for a long time, walk, work out, or run. Learn to take notice of what you are feeling before, during and after you are hard at work so you can stop or try to work the problem out before it turns into back pain, neck pain, or other pain.

Take a moment to feel the muscle groups that are tensing. Does it feel like there’s a problem? Like your body is telling you something? Where do you feel burning or tightness? Concentrate on these areas during your actions and after you take a break from what you’re doing. Look for the warning signs of problems sticking around like: increased muscle pulling, burning pain or severe achiness and soreness during and after your activities.

  1. Learn How to Triage

If you are experiencing body pain, before you go any further with your day, learn to take time to assign degrees of urgency to your situation. Triage from your standpoint, means preventing a pain or injury from happening or from getting worse. It means noticing the level of activity you are doing during your hard work at the gym, out-and-about or at your desk and considering how it’s going to leave your body afterward. Once you are aware of a new problem or pain starting, this is the time that you can identify with what makes it feel worse or better.

For example, if you are running and you feel your hip get painful and weak, this is the moment to pay close attention. If it feels better with no weight on it, notice it. If it feels better when you keep walking, take note of that too. This will help you learn how to go forward and make small shifts to help heal the area.

The severity of a problem with your body is typically witnessed in the following ways:

The movement has changed– if you can’t move or lift a body part like you used to, this is very important information to be aware of.

The sensation is bothersome– if the body area feels different than it usually does, like its numb, aching, very tender, burning or the pain begins to travel down a limb you may have a bigger problem. This is a good time to stop what you’re doing and take action to heal.

The appearance of the body part is different– if your body part looks different than usual, like it’s red, swollen, white, bruised or firming up, especially if the appearance changes after use of the body part, you will want to take note of exactly what happened and try to rest, seek experienced attention or partake in healing activities right away.

  1. Recognize Chronic Pain

There’s a difference between a little bit of neck pain after you’ve been lifting or carrying something for a long time and feeling plagued by neck pain when you’re at rest. If you feel neck or back pain long after your activities or workout is over or when you’re simply sitting at rest, this could be an indication of a much deeper problem. You may benefit from muscle work and corrective chiropractic services that will help solve the issues that cause your chronic pain.

  1. Prevent Knots of Tension from Building

It is normal to feel a bit of body tension after a challenging activity or workout and even when you’ve been slaving away at the computer all day. More severe areas of body tension happen when these small areas of muscle knots or back and neck pain are not treated immediately. The small areas of body tension can start silent but turn into chronic or increased pain than you never expected. Sometimes you feel this pain move down other areas of your body, like your arms when the pain started in your neck. Large muscle knots can lead to symptoms such as headaches, fatigue, radiating pain or weakness. By preventing knots of body tension from building, you won’t have to worry about debilitating injuries that could keep you from being active.

Take actions to heal. Some suggestions that may help you are to: engage in self-massage, increase or decrease the types of movement that you’re doing according to comfort, stretch, or use ice. I can give you a specific plan to feel better after a thorough evaluation.

  1. Educate Yourself

Injuries can often be prevented with some education. Learn about the warning signs that happen before most injuries occur so you know when to head to your chiropractor for preventative treatment. My free report,Understand if you are heading towards a foot, ankle, or knee injury and how to prevent it”, can provide the information you need to stop injuries in their tracks.

The Importance of Prevention

An active lifestyle has several benefits beyond staying in shape and allowing you to enjoy a beautiful body. Frequent exercise and the participation in activities you love also allow for the positive feelings that come with reaching goals and conquering challenges that may come with age. The feeling that you’re doing something good for yourself and the results you see when you do, are things you can count on, look forward to, and use to boost your mood on a regular basis.

Prevention of pain or injury means stopping problems before they happen and strengthening your physical and emotional healthy habits every day. The benefits of preventative actions are to allow you to stay active and expel the worry of slowing down and being left behind because of injuries. With prevention and a mindful eye on your own body, you’ll be hindered less by fatigue, injury or the feeling that you are losing steam and get back to all the good things that come with staying alert to your body and choices.

Inquire Today About Chiropractic Services

Dr. Nicole Muschett is the Bethlehem, PA chiropractor that is dedicated to helping you stay active in whatever way you choose. Reach all of your goals and feel great about your body without worrying about incurring injuries at home, the gym, at the desk and on the running track. Complimentary consultations are available to help you find out what causes your pain and what can keep you energetic and feeling young. Inquire today and learn more about how you can prevent back pain and stay active so you will never have to feel the stresses of giving up your bliss. Enjoy your body and all that it can do!

5 Ways to Combat Weight Gain When You’ve Been Binging and Indulging

Bethlehem PA chiropractor helps weight lossMany people feel the need for a release or outlet after a busy and demanding day, and drinking alcohol and binging on junk food are often the go-to indulgences of choice. The problem comes when those indulgences become habit.

When you let these habits rule for too long you eventually see your weight creep up while simultaneously your health, energy and happiness get drawn away.

While trying to lose weight and also partaking in life’s indulgences, like alcohol, you may find it impossible to fully reach your health goals.

The fact is most of the American adult population will occasionally consume an alcoholic beverage at some point. A glass of wine or a beer with dinner, a few cocktails at a party, or drinks at the bar are all part of socializing and provide a needed unwinding after a long day. The problem is that too much alcohol and junk food consumption can lead to loss of critical nutrients which puts your body in a nutrient bankrupt state.  This then leaves you aching for even more food. Many people find themselves in this vicious cycle, especially noticing it in the wee hours of the morning, craving junk foods because of this nutrient deficient state.

On top of creating a spiral of increased junk food cravings, you can increase the chances of more serious health problems like diabetes, obesity, joint pain, and metabolic syndromes that will leave you less than your best.

Here’s how you can combat weight gain and still indulge and relax:

  1. Understand Your Weight Gain

Consuming excessive amounts of alcohol and junk food can put you in a state of nutrient bankruptcy and dehydration. Alcohol in large amounts acts as a diuretic which washes many of the minerals on which your body depends away with the water that it pushes out. In its wake, you crave more food to replenish those lost nutrients and rarely feel satisfied.

Refined carbohydrates are what most junk foods contain. They are stripped of their original nutrient content and offer lots of calories for little nutrient and mineral exchange. They offer even less satisfaction for your hunger.

If you’ve gained weight due to excessive binging and indulging on alcohol and junk food, it’s likely that you’re also feeling fatigue as well as some body aches and pains. Back pain, neck and shoulder pain from dehydration and nutrient loss on a daily basis can leave your body feeling weak and your energy levels down.

Junk foods and alcohols require your liver, pancreas and other body cells to work hard to metabolize their contents or excrete them. Also, unless you are competing in a high-endurance athletic competition, you often do not need a lot of sugar in a short period of time. If you do binge, your body converts the large influx of sugars and alcohol into fat. The fat is deposited in all the areas you don’t want it to be.

  1. Regulate Your Indulgences (like alcohol)

It is not necessary to abstain from alcohol consumption completely in order to lose weight. While there is no real evidence to back up a healthy level of alcohol consumption, a few drinks spread out through the week is alright. Several studies show that spreading out the amount of drinks you consume throughout the week puts less stress on your body than letting loose and having too many drinks in one night. Keep it to one, two or less each night to allow your body to recover after each time you imbibe.

  1. Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate and You’ll Feel Relaxed!

If you feel drawn to refined carbs like bread and sweets your body may be telling you that you are craving water but the junk foods are distracting you from drinking the pure water that you need. And whether you feel it or not, when you drink alcohol your body needs water replenishment. Water flushes your body of toxins and helps many body functions work smoothly. Your weight loss endeavors will be greatly helped by making sure you drink an adequate amount of water every day. Dehydration is increased by the consumption of alcohol and also leads to headaches, back pain, neck pain, and other muscle aches that contribute to fatigue. Hydrating prevents these instances from occurring and allows you to stay active, exercise, and more swiftly reach your weight loss goals.

  1. Get Into a “Happy You” Routine

When you exercise every day, it becomes easier to exercise even more. You eventually are able to breathe better, think better and rest better which makes for a happier “you”. Get yourself into a good routine that you enjoy and don’t let over-indulging in junk foods or alcohol get in the way. Include days in your schedule when it’s okay to imbibe and give yourself a limit that you can stick to. Talk to your chiropractor about the best ways to prevent injury while you exercise and the types of activities that can help you reach your weight loss goals or relieve any chronic back or neck pain from which you already suffer.

  1. Find Fun Outlets

Team sports and exercise classes are a wonderful and fun way to stay active and socialize which can distract you from a binge dieting spree if approached correctly. You can include the family, bring together a group of friends, or meet new people that share your interests. Then involve the group you hang out with in your weight loss goals and the routine you’ve created. Plan to stick to the junk food and alcohol consumption guidelines you’ve made for yourself. Focus on the group and the activity and just have fun. Staying active in this way not only helps you with weight loss but also encourages a positive mood, higher energy levels, and the glow that comes with happily participating in a social, supportive environment.

The Power of Movement

You may find that, by staying active and participating in exercise you love or team sports, you don’t feel the desire to imbibe in alcoholic beverages or binge on junk foods to decompress anymore. Outings, get-together’s and practices can become the parts of the week you look forward to. You might even find yourself yearning for that morning run to jump-start your day. Frequent movement can not only alleviate stress but can also ease chronic pain and make you feel younger than you’ve ever felt. Develop a routine that makes you happy every day!

Discover More about Natural Pain Relief

We can help you find the best ways to relieve stress, combat weight gain and alleviate pain naturally and without the use of medications. You can start feeling energetic in your body even before you make a change in your habits and mind. Inquire today and learn about free consultations concerning how to improve your flexibility and energy. Discover all the alternatives to achieve a healthier and happier body!

7 Chiropractic Treatments for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Without Medication or Surgery

Bethlehem-Pennsylvania-Chiropractor-Carpal-Tunnel-SyndromeYou’ve probably felt thumb, hand or wrist pain before after doing a lot of gripping work, computer work or engaging in lots of texting on the phone, but is this pain carpal tunnel syndrome? Or leading to it?

My clients come in with various hand pains, which they experience as aching, pins and needles, burning, cramping, weakness, or numbness especially at night and when you flex your wrist. Sometimes the wrist and hands just feel swollen.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, or CTS, is a common health concern which is experienced around the wrist area. And it is important that you know if you are getting CTS because the most common treatment for CTS can be severe -it involves either medication or surgery. This can include heavy medication or serious surgery. If you have symptoms that sound like CTS, the good news is, even if it has gotten to the point of excruciating, it is possible to avoid surgery and medication and receive effective, less intrusive treatments.

Chiropractors effectively manage conditions like CTS using natural, painless, less intrusive methods. A Chiropractor will be able to get to know your body and how to alleviate pain and solve a CTS problem as soon as it occurs.

Now, by understanding your CTS symptoms you can appreciate what your body is going through and be in the best position to work with your chiropractor to alleviate the pain and symptoms. Let’s dive in…

What Is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS)?

The carpal bones are small bones in the wrist area that form a tunnel that surrounds the nerve leading to the hand, called the median nerve. When Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) occurs, the tendons and joints become swollen which pinches the median nerve inside. CTS is usually initiated by forceful or repetitive movements that occur at the wrist as well as with the entire arm and shoulder complex. These movements result in swelling around your tendons, which leads to and is experienced as pinching of the median nerve. CTS can also occur due to a compression of the nerves along their tracks down and up from your neck. If a forceful or repetitive stress activity effects your neck, the symptoms may or not be felt at the neck but may be transmitted all the way down into your hands and is experienced as CTS-like symptoms.

What Are the Specific Symptoms Associated with CTS?

If you are experiencing CTS symptoms, you may be feeling painful tingling in your hand or arm area. There may also be a lack of muscle strength in your arm, or you may lose control of your hand, with pain shooting from your hand up to your shoulder.

Who Experiences CTS?

CTS is a common workplace, as well as computer user’s, hazard. Repetitive motions can cause CTS to occur due to repetitive computer and office tasks. This means that many workers are at risk of developing CTS symptoms. Store and factory workers who may frequently receive micro-traumas to their hands and wrists are especially at risk.

CTS injury is often due to the awkward positioning; forceful and repetitive movements, repetitive wrist flexion and extension activities, using vibratory tools, and doing lots of gripping.

How to Avoid Medicine and Surgery with Chiropractic Treatment

If you wish to avoid opting for medicine or surgery to alleviate Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, there are certain steps that you can take. This is particularly helpful if you have a preference against medication or you have intolerance to Ibuprofen.

Importantly, CTS should be diagnosed early on. If the diagnosis is neglected for too long, the condition can become severe. In this case, surgery may be an obligatory requirement. However, the good news is that if CTS is caught in its early stages, chiropractic treatment can be a very effective solution.

How Effective Can Chiropractic Treatment Be for CTS?

Chiropractic treatment for CTS is a drug-free method, which alleviates your pain and can offer long-term relief. When studied against other conventional, non-surgical medical treatment, chiropractic treatment for CTS was found to be effective.

How Does Chiropractic Treatment for CTS Work?

CTS is caused by the median nerve in the wrist becoming trapped. These nerves connect to the spinal cord through the opening in the bones in your lower neck. Your CTS symptoms often occur when these lower neck bones are misplaced or move to a different position. Chiropractic treatment can gently reset the bones to their correct position which can help alleviate CTS symptoms.

7 Chiropractic Methods to Alleviate the Pain Caused by CTS

Chiropractic treatment can occasionally involve a combination of various chiropractic methods. The following seven methods are the key chiropractic treatments that can effectively help your CTS symptoms.

  1. Chiropractic Manipulation Therapy: Manipulation Therapy involves manipulation of the wrist, elbow and upper spine area. This is where your joint’s soft tissue can undergo manipulation to affect the surrounding area. Recent studies have concluded that manual therapy intervention, such as soft tissue mobilization (also called STM), helps to improve the signs and symptoms of CTS. STM can be particularly effective in improving nerve conduction latencies, which positively impacts wrist strength and motion. No other profession effectively delivers this type of treatment.
  2. Intake of Nutritional Supplements: Supplements to a balanced diet can promote long-term healing. Nutritional supplements such as B6 can be particularly effective and has been promoted as a long-standing supplement for the treatment of CTS.
  3. Bracing: This treatment involves bracing, which is a technique that has had extensive success. Bracing limits extension and flexion in your hand. Compression on the median nerve can encourage recovery and ease swelling in the tendons.
  4. Ice and Rest:  Ice is an effective treatment to relieve the swelling around the nerve and is also deliverer often at the wrist when indicated. Rest helps to put an end to the causative factors that are resulting in the nerve compression.
  5. Ultrasound and Electrical Stimulation Modalities: Ultrasound therapy has been shown to assist carpal tunnel syndrome. Huisstede et al (2010). Acupuncture has been shown to decrease carpal tunnel pain. Sim et al (2011), Kumnerddee & Kaewtong (2010), Yang et al (2011). Using electrical stimulation has been shown to ease the pain associated with carpal tunnel syndrome. Kara et al (2010).
  6. Daily Exercises: Specifically tailored exercises can effectively promote recovery and the easing of symptoms when carried out daily. Exercises, given to you by your chiropractor, help to work the wrist and hand, which are designed to encourage recovery.
  7. Reassessment of the Work Place Efficiency: Reviewing the ergonomics of the way you work can significantly help to minimize stress, which will promote recovery and prevent further injury.

Do you have any questions? Our team is happy to help you and answer any questions or concerns you may have.

Dr. Nicole Muschett, a Bethlehem, Pennsylvania Chiropractor, is here to help overcome CTS. She offers a no-obligation free consultation, to get to know you and the problems you are experiencing. Just contact us today.


Effortlessly Tone Your Muscles for Strength, Healing and Health with Kinesio Taping: 3 Key Benefits

kinesio-tapingKinesio Taping has become a common and well-known approach to healing injuries and promoting healthy joints and muscles. It is especially effective for those who have stress on your joints like those of athletes, women’s body pain due to hormonal changes and pregnancy and many other important health concerns.

This article aims to help you to understand how Kinesio taping may help you and your whole body health. Whether you are experiencing an injury or other pain symptoms like hip and back pain or arm and shoulder weakness, Kinesio Treatment may be right approach for healing for you.

We would always advise to consult with us as your Chiropractor to understand how Kinesio Taping may specifically help you. However, we hope that this article will help you make the right decision with your chiropractor, to find the right solution for your body. After all, each of our bodies, injuries and symptoms are different, and as such require different treatments and treatment approaches.

What is Kinesio Taping?

The Kinesio Taping Method is a physiological therapy which is commonly practiced by chiropractors and specialists within sports medicine. Kinesio Taping requires a specific type of tape, which when applied, can give the necessary support to muscles under pressure, whilst they flex. Kinesio Taping was developed in 1973 by Dr. Kenzo Kase.

Awareness of the benefits of Kinesio Taping increased globally when the treatment was used by the Japanese Olympians. The treatment is practiced particularly prevalently amongst athletes and sportsmen as a result.

You may recognize Kinesio Tex Tape as the brightly colored tape that athletes are famously seen using during their warm-ups, and sometimes during their athletic performances.

The Kinesio Taping method positively impacts physiological changes to several key body systems.

This can include helping your joints feel more mobile and pain-free, improving the perfusion of your circulatory and lymphatic systems, as well as strengthening and allowing healthy movement in your muscles and fascia.

Overall, the method is used to change and improve your muscle tone. In turn, the treatment can correct movement patterns, improve posture, and improve lymphatic circulation. The method is based on the body’s own natural healing process, which simply promotes muscle efficiency and encourages the muscle to react in healthy, beneficial ways.

Let me explain in further detail how the different benefits come about with Kinesio Taping, according to what you seek from the treatment.

The 3 Key Benefits of Kinesio Taping

  1. Provides Support and Stability to the Joints and Muscles to Stop Joint Weakness, Cracking, and Pain: For athletes and sportsmen and women, their muscles and joints are put under a lot of pressure.

Athletes push their bodies to the limit and because of this can be prone to joint and muscle injury. Kinesio Taping can be used as a preventative method to avoid injury and strain for high-impact sports.

For women, due to hormonal changes and our bodies being designed to bare and deliver babies, our joints have and continue to go through changes that can lead to joint laxity and weakness. To name a few problems that may occur in your joints, think of your hips, back and pelvis during pregnancy, Kinesio taping can help stabilize key joints that make you feel better quickly. And consider your neck, shoulders and back as you’ve aged- you may be more prone to headaches at the end of the day or achiness and pain going down into your upper back, shoulders and arms. Kinesio taping can help stabilize your neck, back and shoulders so you do not experience pain.

Fortunately, Kinesio Taping does not affect circulation and your body’s normal range of motion, which makes it ideal for athletes to continue their practice whilst not affecting performance.

  1. Promotes Muscle Efficiency and Detoxification: Kinesio Taping can help to control the muscles, ensuring that they work efficiently and healthily. This again can help sportsmen to prevent injury and enhance their performance. It can also help to prevent over-contraction in long-distance or interval runners and trainers

Whilst the muscles work efficiently, there is a positive impact not only on movement, but also on the healthy flow of lymph and venous fluids.

  1. Reduces Inflammation, Relaxes Muscles and Promotes Recovery: As well as being an effective injury preventive measure, Kinesio taping can help to treat a wide variety of muscle related injuries and conditions. Kinesio Taping can reduce inflammation, help to relax the muscles and as such, helps to promote a healthy recovery from injury. Specifically, Kinesio Taping can help to alleviate conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS), knee and shoulder conditions, arthritis, lower back pain and strain, plantar fasciitis, hamstring and groin injuries, pre- and post-surgical edema and also whiplash. The method can also significantly reduce healing time required for sports injuries, as well as speed up the rehabilitation process. There is a wealth of anecdotal evidence to prove the benefits of Kinesio Taping to the muscles in promoting quick and healthy recovery of injury.

How to Access Kinesio Taping Treatment

Specialist Kinesio Taping Chiropractors have studied and certified with the Kinesio Taping Association. You’ll get the most from the treatment if you access other complimentary chiropractic treatments alongside your Kinesio Taping Treatment. Your body is only as strong and healthy as it is mobile, energized and balanced. A chiropractor frees up stuck motion in your body which helps you feel just this way. A consultation is also important to ensure that Kinesio Taping is the best treatment option for you or to assess the best way to address your goals, symptoms or concerns.

Dr. Nicole Muschett, a Bethlehem, Pennsylvania Chiropractor, is an accredited Kinesio Taping Chiropractor. She offers a no-obligation free consultation, to get to know you and the problems you are experiencing. Kinesio Taping may help. Just contact us today to find out more.

Do you have any questions about how Kinesio Taping may help you? Our team is happy to help you and answer any questions or concerns you may have. Just give us a call or explore our website.