“I’m a Jazzercise instructor and fell down the steps at home. I didn’t break anything but hurt my back and had numbness down my left leg. I told one of my students my symptoms and she told me about Dr. Nicole Muschett. I never went to a chiropractor before and I’m 57. After two treatments, I felt my left leg again. The numbness went away. I’m totally impressed and so glad I found her. I haven’t had to take any time off from teaching. Awesome!”

~Kimberly H.

“Dr. Nicole, you are amazing!! Not only do you take the time to explain everything that you are doing step by step, but you are very personable and compassionate! My daughter felt so much better after leaving your office. Not only did she feel physically better, but she was at ease and felt that you took your time with her to explain everything. Thank you for being amazing!!”

-Irene K.

“I came to Dr.Nicole with intense hip and low back pain. I could barely pick up my baby and barely made it through work on the first day of pain. She got me in on the same day I called and went right to work straightening out my hip/low back pain.  I felt immediate results. Dr. Nicole was amazing! It’s been a few weeks now of working on this, but everyday is better. I am a firm believer in chiropractic care for overall well-being and I’m so happy to have found a knowledgeable and caring provider in Dr. Nicole! Thank you so much form your care! Now I can care for patients at work and my family thanks you too!”

-Lynette Easterday

After 3 days of acute hip pain to the point that walking a few yards was a struggle, I contacted Dr. Nicole for help. When I saw her for evaluation, I was taking the maximum doses of Aleve and Tylenol each day. Having never been to a chiropractor before, I  didn’t know what to expect, but the alternative was stronger pain meds to manage the pain only.

I could not be more pleased with my progress with Dr. Nicole’s treatments. In little over a week, I have been able to reduce the OTC meds to only at night and have been able to walk 2-3 miles a day. I am confident that I will be back to running again soon with Dr. Nicole’s help.

-Christine M.

Thank you so much! I have not been able to breathe through my nose for 15 years. I was punched and it left me unable to breathe out of my left nasal passage and slightly out of my right. I had a session with Dr. Nicole in which my neck released and relieved my nasal passages. I am now breathing the way I was intended to. I am breathing strong and clear now. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

-Dawn M.

FABULOUS!! Dr. Nicole take the time to work on all my problems spots. She is vey hands-on and answers all my questions thoroughly and patiently. Dr. Nicole has made significant improvements for me very quickly. Best choice I’ve made  in a long time!

-Victoria L.

Skepticism, absolutely. My experience has been with physical therapy – my daughter is a P.T., too. After a car accident earlier this year, I had several weeks of medication, ice and heat, and finally agreed to see a physical therapist. After a few weeks and an MRI, it was determined that the PT wasn’t helping and alternatives were suggested, including shots in the neck. We decided to try chiropractic, and were referred to Dr. Nicole by our P.T. daughter, who brings her young daughter  to Dr. Nicole and is very pleased with the relief from ear infections chiropractic has afforded.

I am  now able to turn my head, and neck pain is decreased. I’ve learned specific stretches to do daily, which help. My wife even picked up some pointers, so neither of us is now a “pain in the neck”, lol.

Thank you for your insight, your explanations and your expertise, Dr. Nicole.

– Kevin & Debbie K.

I started initially skeptical about seeing a chiropractor, but had an ongoing issue I thought could never be relieved. Throughout seeing Dr. Nicole Muschett,  I was able to not only fix the ongoing problem I’ve had with my back,  but learn how to prevent it from worsening again. Nicole is a very attentive and knowledgeable professional that I will recommend to others. She is great for box fixing my problems and just maintaining chiropractic health!

–Carissa Y.

I was in a traffic accident, rear-ended and although no broken bones or serious injury occurred, I did suffer issues with mid-back, shoulder, and neck. Working with arms out front or above head was difficult, and numbness would occur. Dr. Nicole was able to relieve the deep muscle spasms, and get alignment corrected, and each week I can do better job endurance and less pain/numbness. I always believed that chiropractic and therapy is better than taking a lot of chemical based treatments, sometimes that would be needed, but patience, and trust always a must.

Dr. Nicole is wonderful at her job. If you don’t feel as good as expected, you can tell her and she will work on an area again right away till it is. Well in my case.

–Vernon P.

I had a lot of trouble with the delivery of my first 2 babies. It took a very long time and they seemed to have trouble getting out. I started seeing Dr. Nicole during my third pregnancy. She found some problems that could explain why labor was so hard before, that my pelvis was uneven because of leg length difference. I saw Dr. Nicole regularly throughout my third pregnancy, even coming in the day I gave birth. I had a lot less pregnancy related low back pain and felt very comfortable with my adjustments even while pregnant. The third baby came into the world easily, peacefully and beautifully. I was in labor only 2 1/2 hours, needed no anesthesia whatsoever, and the baby came out in 1 push happy and healthy. I wish I had found Dr. Nicole earlier for my first 2 babies.

Amy G.

Dr. Nicole is a miracle worker. From coming in her office stooped down looking at my shoes with extreme back pain, she works on me and then I feel much better. I feel like I could run a marathon.

Jose P.

I have been an avid jogger for over 25 years and in June, I developed bursitis/tendonitis on my left hip/thigh area. I could not jog due to the pain and I was limping. To treat my issue, I was seeking Physical Therapy, seeing an Orthopod and getting treatment from a Reflexologist for almost 8 weeks and not getting any better! I had decided to still join my local walking/running club in July but I would only walk. On one of the first sessions, Dr. Muschett noticed this very noticeable limp; my left leg was literally being dragged as I was walking and Dr. Muschett came up to me and she gave me some hope and asked me to come by her office. My limp and pain were pretty significant , but after about 4 weeks of treatments with Dr. Muschett, my pain started diminishing and my limp was decreasing with each and every treatment. Dr. Muschett was so very encouraging , and she made a HUGE difference in my life and I would without hesitation recommend her to anyone who is looking for a Chiropractor that will actually help you. Thank You Dr. Muschett, and I am so very grateful for your help.

–Shupriya B.

I am no stranger to chiropractic care since I have seen different chiropractors over the course of the past 20 years. As things went along, I began to assume that my discomfort in my hip was just something that I had to live with since none of the other chiropractors seemed able to give me lasting relief from the pain.

I decided to give a new chiropractor the chance to help me with my issues. My new search brought me to Dr. Nicole. I found my first visit with her to be very complete and thorough. She did a few tests and asked many questions regarding my overall health and fitness. Then using a combination of treatments, I walked away from that first visit feeling very encouraged that she was able to pin point the problem and provide relief.

Over the course of the next several months, Dr. Nicole continued to pinpoint my hip problem and was able to correct it! Since then, I have continued seeing Dr. Nicole regularly as he has helps me with various other issues such as my vertigo.

I have been so comfortable with Dr. Nicole that I now bring my daughter and husband too!

Dr. Nicole is all about your whole well-being. She is no stranger to the fact that emergencies arise with mobility issues as was the case with my husband. She worked closely with us beyond her normal office hours to get him back on his feet and back to work!

As a family, we feel blessed to have Dr. Nicole on the side lines for us, keeping us healthy and on our feet.

–Lauren, Joe and Joy P.

What I Like about Dr. Nicole is that she doesn’t lay out a 2-3 month treatment plan. She evaluates at each visit and tapers off the visits as soon as possible.

When I waited too long and had extreme shoulder/arm pain, Dr. Nicole helped me almost immediately. The pain wasn’t gone after one visit but it was better.

When I thought that I would have to live with the pain and numbness, Dr. Nicole reassured me that I wouldn’t and several days later, I realized that I had gone all day without any pain or numbness.

It takes time, but Dr. Nicole solved my shoulder/arm pain and numbness.

–Christine R.

With occulta spina bifida, a 75% slipped L5 and two herniated discs, I couldn’t just go to any chiropractor when I moved up to the Lehigh Valley. Dr. Muschett made it easy to get an appointment, gave me personalized attention and followed up on my progress.

–Beverly K.

Dr.Nicole recently treated my daughter for a sports related knee injury. She did her magic and also recommended follow up at home treatments. Dr. Nicole’s really helped. She knows a lot about sports related problems and not just back issues!

–Sue H.

Dr.Nicole is by far the most professional Chiropractor I’ve ever worked with! What I like the most is that she gives you an opportunity to be a part of your treatment plan. I’ve been dealing with a few injuries for some time, and although other doctors suggested different approaches, she listened to me and we worked out a treatment plan together! She is an amazing person, athlete and professional! I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking top notch chiropractic treatment.

–Debbie C.

I have been seeing Nicole regularly for just over a year. In that time, she has helped me with both constant, nagging pains as well as unexpected ones! I have noticed a huge difference in how I feel and would recommend her chiropractic services to anyone!

–Emily B.

Since I started treatment with Dr. Nicole, my back pain is gone, I feel better and my energy level has gone up. Dr. Nicole is very knowledgeable and really cares and looks out for her patients. She’s definitely a keeper!

–Ingrid G.

I love Dr Nicole She is a people person. She goes the extra mile to make sure you feel comfortable and always made time for me throughout my different injuries . She was the first chiropractor I ever went too and I would continue with her if I ever needed regular adjustments…. I highly recommend her for all your ailments….

–Melissa S.

It is great to have a chiropractor who cares more about your pain and your quality of life than which health insurance company will pay her bill!

–Vanessa R.

Dr. Nicole’s warmth and boundless energy make her a joy to work with. Not only does your body feel better when you leave, but you step lighter on your way out just from being around her!

–Catherine A.

Dr. Nicole is a warm and caring person who has relieved my neck strain. She was able to provide me with exercises to avert any future injuries.

–Eileen H.

Nicole’s magic had really helped my knee. I have a bad knee from an old skiing injury and agitated it with exercise. I visited Nicole a few times and she advised me to get a simple knee brace and all has been well.

–Mary Lou L.

My daugther is on the track team and was having problems with her hips but all is good now! I hold all my tension in my shoulders and neck but I have been feeling great. Nicole has helped my daugther and I tremendously. She is very knowledgeable and motivating.

–Gerry B.

A year ago I was having many issues with my Knees and Feet. I went to Nicole to help me better prepare for a 13 hour Mountain Bike Endurance Event. I was extremely pleased with my results in helping ease my issues so that I could perform at the best of my abilities… Along with her passion to help others, she is very knowledgeable at what she does. Thank you Nicole for being the professional you are and helping me reach my goals. It was a pleasure to work with you and would refer anyone I know your way.

–Brian S.

My oldest daughter began walking with a limp at age 8. She would severely turn her leg inwards and it almost appeared that one leg was longer than the other. We took her to the pediatrician who referred us to the pediatric orthopedic doctor. She had x-rays and an MRI but they found nothing. We decided to try chiropractic care and sought the expertise of Dr. Nicole. She adjusted Morgan 3 times per week and we gradually saw her walking improve. Morgan no longer limps. About a year later, our other daughter, Emma began to limp. We took her to Dr. Nicole but she immediately noticed something different about Emma’s limp and told us to take her to the orthopedic doctor. Emma was diagnosed with arthritis but has improved. We all continue to see Dr. Nicole for our monthly adjustments

–Brenda C.

I can tell you that I had severe neck/back pain to the point (it worked it’s way to the point) where I actually went to work one day and was there less than an hour and could not move. I left work and somehow managed to drive myself home in severe pain. My husband called around until he found a chiropractor that was willing to see me immediately (NO ONE does that!!!) and “Dr. Nicole” answered, thank God! She took me in immediately, “worked her magic” and I felt relief…I was out of work for 4 weeks and seeing her for treatments weekly until I was actually able to have no pain at all. She did such a wonderful job (not to mention she is so personable!) that my husband goes to her too!!

–Dawn G