First Visit

On your first visit to our office, you will be welcomed as a member of our family. Our friendly front desk staff will greet you with a warm smile and ask you to sign in. We will have some paperwork for you to fill out. If you’ve already completed your paperwork, great! The paperwork provides us with detailed information about yourself and your condition which will help us gain some information about your health history, your lifestyle, and any conditions you may be suffering from.

The front desk staff will then bring you into a private, comfortable treatment room where Dr. Nicole will speak with you one-on-one to listen to and address your individual needs and concerns. She will then review your forms with you. You will be asked for a great deal of information, not just about the pain or complaint that may have brought you, but about your past health history.The purpose of your consultation is to discuss your health concerns and health goals and see if our office is the right place for you.. Your details will remain confidential at all times.

Dr. Nicole will then proceed with a thorough physical examination to help her identify how she can help you the most. It will involve measuring and reviewing such things as your blood pressure, pulse, and ranges of motion, posture, orthopedic and neurological exams. In addition, a careful spinal examination and analysis will be performed to detect any structural abnormalities which may be affecting or causing your condition. All of these elements are important components of your total health profile, and vital in evaluating your problem.

Our practice members often comment on how thorough Dr. Nicole’s examination is, compared with other practitioners they’ve consulted. Her goal is to determine what areas of your spine and nervous system are involved and related to your health concerns.

Diagnosis and Treatment Plan
Dr. Nicole will review her findings in great detail. Using the information available to her, Dr. Nicole will prescribe a set of goals for your treatment. More often than not, treatment will be started on your second visit. This allows Dr.Nicole the time to study and to review all the exam findings and history. However emergencies usually receive early treatment to get the ball rolling as soon as possible. If you are in severe pain and it has been determined that you should try a short course of chiropractic treatment, modalities to reduce pain may be used. This may include heat, ice, ultrasound, electrical modalities such as interferential or muscle stimulation.

The extent of the damage and the treatment method determined for you will impact the length of your treatment period. Short-term treatments are usually suited for patients who merely suffer from pain caused by dysfunction in the joints or muscles. Meanwhile, those that require full restoration of their health system to retain function and improve daily life might require a long-term treatment plan.

Home Instructions
Prior to leaving, patients will be given instructions on certain activities or procedures to be conducted at home. This may include ice or heat application instructions, avoidance of certain activities or positions, as well as home exercises and/or stretches.

Report of Findings
After reviewing your health history, goals, and examination findings, Dr. Nicole will give you a detailed report of all findings that will explain what is wrong with you in clear, plain, understandable language. She will discuss treatment recommendations and notify you if your condition requires care with other providers.

Dr. Nicole will provide chiropractic treatment and help develop a wellness program tailored for your needs. You will be advised as to how many treatments you will need and what the costs are likely to be. Dr. Nicole tailors her treatment and recommendations to suit the needs of your condition, your body, your  lifestyle and your health goals.