5 Ways to Combat Weight Gain When You’ve Been Binging and Indulging

Bethlehem PA chiropractor helps weight lossMany people feel the need for a release or outlet after a busy and demanding day, and drinking alcohol and binging on junk food are often the go-to indulgences of choice. The problem comes when those indulgences become habit.

When you let these habits rule for too long you eventually see your weight creep up while simultaneously your health, energy and happiness get drawn away.

While trying to lose weight and also partaking in life’s indulgences, like alcohol, you may find it impossible to fully reach your health goals.

The fact is most of the American adult population will occasionally consume an alcoholic beverage at some point. A glass of wine or a beer with dinner, a few cocktails at a party, or drinks at the bar are all part of socializing and provide a needed unwinding after a long day. The problem is that too much alcohol and junk food consumption can lead to loss of critical nutrients which puts your body in a nutrient bankrupt state.  This then leaves you aching for even more food. Many people find themselves in this vicious cycle, especially noticing it in the wee hours of the morning, craving junk foods because of this nutrient deficient state.

On top of creating a spiral of increased junk food cravings, you can increase the chances of more serious health problems like diabetes, obesity, joint pain, and metabolic syndromes that will leave you less than your best.

Here’s how you can combat weight gain and still indulge and relax:

  1. Understand Your Weight Gain

Consuming excessive amounts of alcohol and junk food can put you in a state of nutrient bankruptcy and dehydration. Alcohol in large amounts acts as a diuretic which washes many of the minerals on which your body depends away with the water that it pushes out. In its wake, you crave more food to replenish those lost nutrients and rarely feel satisfied.

Refined carbohydrates are what most junk foods contain. They are stripped of their original nutrient content and offer lots of calories for little nutrient and mineral exchange. They offer even less satisfaction for your hunger.

If you’ve gained weight due to excessive binging and indulging on alcohol and junk food, it’s likely that you’re also feeling fatigue as well as some body aches and pains. Back pain, neck and shoulder pain from dehydration and nutrient loss on a daily basis can leave your body feeling weak and your energy levels down.

Junk foods and alcohols require your liver, pancreas and other body cells to work hard to metabolize their contents or excrete them. Also, unless you are competing in a high-endurance athletic competition, you often do not need a lot of sugar in a short period of time. If you do binge, your body converts the large influx of sugars and alcohol into fat. The fat is deposited in all the areas you don’t want it to be.

  1. Regulate Your Indulgences (like alcohol)

It is not necessary to abstain from alcohol consumption completely in order to lose weight. While there is no real evidence to back up a healthy level of alcohol consumption, a few drinks spread out through the week is alright. Several studies show that spreading out the amount of drinks you consume throughout the week puts less stress on your body than letting loose and having too many drinks in one night. Keep it to one, two or less each night to allow your body to recover after each time you imbibe.

  1. Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate and You’ll Feel Relaxed!

If you feel drawn to refined carbs like bread and sweets your body may be telling you that you are craving water but the junk foods are distracting you from drinking the pure water that you need. And whether you feel it or not, when you drink alcohol your body needs water replenishment. Water flushes your body of toxins and helps many body functions work smoothly. Your weight loss endeavors will be greatly helped by making sure you drink an adequate amount of water every day. Dehydration is increased by the consumption of alcohol and also leads to headaches, back pain, neck pain, and other muscle aches that contribute to fatigue. Hydrating prevents these instances from occurring and allows you to stay active, exercise, and more swiftly reach your weight loss goals.

  1. Get Into a “Happy You” Routine

When you exercise every day, it becomes easier to exercise even more. You eventually are able to breathe better, think better and rest better which makes for a happier “you”. Get yourself into a good routine that you enjoy and don’t let over-indulging in junk foods or alcohol get in the way. Include days in your schedule when it’s okay to imbibe and give yourself a limit that you can stick to. Talk to your chiropractor about the best ways to prevent injury while you exercise and the types of activities that can help you reach your weight loss goals or relieve any chronic back or neck pain from which you already suffer.

  1. Find Fun Outlets

Team sports and exercise classes are a wonderful and fun way to stay active and socialize which can distract you from a binge dieting spree if approached correctly. You can include the family, bring together a group of friends, or meet new people that share your interests. Then involve the group you hang out with in your weight loss goals and the routine you’ve created. Plan to stick to the junk food and alcohol consumption guidelines you’ve made for yourself. Focus on the group and the activity and just have fun. Staying active in this way not only helps you with weight loss but also encourages a positive mood, higher energy levels, and the glow that comes with happily participating in a social, supportive environment.

The Power of Movement

You may find that, by staying active and participating in exercise you love or team sports, you don’t feel the desire to imbibe in alcoholic beverages or binge on junk foods to decompress anymore. Outings, get-together’s and practices can become the parts of the week you look forward to. You might even find yourself yearning for that morning run to jump-start your day. Frequent movement can not only alleviate stress but can also ease chronic pain and make you feel younger than you’ve ever felt. Develop a routine that makes you happy every day!

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