5 Do-it-Yourself Ways to Prevent Back Pain and Stay Active

Best Bethlehem PA Chiropractor for Back PainYour family and friends love you, and your health care provider’s job is to take good care of you. The bottom line, however, is that only you can take the very best care of yourself physically, emotionally, and energetically.

Without your own willingness and do-it-yourself attitude in self-care, your health and life may suffer. There are certain things that can put you on your back, literally. Some of these things are body pains in your neck and back as well as injury and severe fatigue that can accumulate.  These problems can take you out of doing what you love during your days and weekends.

The fact is, in any activity you can tell when you are beginning to feel some degree of body resistance or pain. What’s important to remember is that no matter what the activity or the intensity you put into it, your muscles are going to be in constant use. Because of this, almost anything you do from high-intensity cycling to desk and computer work can lead to a buildup of tension in your muscles and stress on your joints, leaving you in pain. You may feel tension or strain in your shoulders, neck or back or just feel exhausted, aged and achy.

As an experienced chiropractor serving Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, I know true change starts with you. I can show you methods that will help you stay active, remain healthy, and enjoy a beautiful body for decades to come!

To get a handle on your own pain, here are five do-it-yourself ways to prevent back pain:

  1. Understand Your Body

Pay attention to the way your muscles move when you sit for a long time, walk, work out, or run. Learn to take notice of what you are feeling before, during and after you are hard at work so you can stop or try to work the problem out before it turns into back pain, neck pain, or other pain.

Take a moment to feel the muscle groups that are tensing. Does it feel like there’s a problem? Like your body is telling you something? Where do you feel burning or tightness? Concentrate on these areas during your actions and after you take a break from what you’re doing. Look for the warning signs of problems sticking around like: increased muscle pulling, burning pain or severe achiness and soreness during and after your activities.

  1. Learn How to Triage

If you are experiencing body pain, before you go any further with your day, learn to take time to assign degrees of urgency to your situation. Triage from your standpoint, means preventing a pain or injury from happening or from getting worse. It means noticing the level of activity you are doing during your hard work at the gym, out-and-about or at your desk and considering how it’s going to leave your body afterward. Once you are aware of a new problem or pain starting, this is the time that you can identify with what makes it feel worse or better.

For example, if you are running and you feel your hip get painful and weak, this is the moment to pay close attention. If it feels better with no weight on it, notice it. If it feels better when you keep walking, take note of that too. This will help you learn how to go forward and make small shifts to help heal the area.

The severity of a problem with your body is typically witnessed in the following ways:

The movement has changed– if you can’t move or lift a body part like you used to, this is very important information to be aware of.

The sensation is bothersome– if the body area feels different than it usually does, like its numb, aching, very tender, burning or the pain begins to travel down a limb you may have a bigger problem. This is a good time to stop what you’re doing and take action to heal.

The appearance of the body part is different– if your body part looks different than usual, like it’s red, swollen, white, bruised or firming up, especially if the appearance changes after use of the body part, you will want to take note of exactly what happened and try to rest, seek experienced attention or partake in healing activities right away.

  1. Recognize Chronic Pain

There’s a difference between a little bit of neck pain after you’ve been lifting or carrying something for a long time and feeling plagued by neck pain when you’re at rest. If you feel neck or back pain long after your activities or workout is over or when you’re simply sitting at rest, this could be an indication of a much deeper problem. You may benefit from muscle work and corrective chiropractic services that will help solve the issues that cause your chronic pain.

  1. Prevent Knots of Tension from Building

It is normal to feel a bit of body tension after a challenging activity or workout and even when you’ve been slaving away at the computer all day. More severe areas of body tension happen when these small areas of muscle knots or back and neck pain are not treated immediately. The small areas of body tension can start silent but turn into chronic or increased pain than you never expected. Sometimes you feel this pain move down other areas of your body, like your arms when the pain started in your neck. Large muscle knots can lead to symptoms such as headaches, fatigue, radiating pain or weakness. By preventing knots of body tension from building, you won’t have to worry about debilitating injuries that could keep you from being active.

Take actions to heal. Some suggestions that may help you are to: engage in self-massage, increase or decrease the types of movement that you’re doing according to comfort, stretch, or use ice. I can give you a specific plan to feel better after a thorough evaluation.

  1. Educate Yourself

Injuries can often be prevented with some education. Learn about the warning signs that happen before most injuries occur so you know when to head to your chiropractor for preventative treatment. My free report,Understand if you are heading towards a foot, ankle, or knee injury and how to prevent it”, can provide the information you need to stop injuries in their tracks.

The Importance of Prevention

An active lifestyle has several benefits beyond staying in shape and allowing you to enjoy a beautiful body. Frequent exercise and the participation in activities you love also allow for the positive feelings that come with reaching goals and conquering challenges that may come with age. The feeling that you’re doing something good for yourself and the results you see when you do, are things you can count on, look forward to, and use to boost your mood on a regular basis.

Prevention of pain or injury means stopping problems before they happen and strengthening your physical and emotional healthy habits every day. The benefits of preventative actions are to allow you to stay active and expel the worry of slowing down and being left behind because of injuries. With prevention and a mindful eye on your own body, you’ll be hindered less by fatigue, injury or the feeling that you are losing steam and get back to all the good things that come with staying alert to your body and choices.

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