How to Get Relief from Burning Shoulder Pain: Especially for Cyclists

Chiropractor Allentown PA helps shoulder pain

A burning sensation in between the shoulders, numbness of the arms and hands, and tightness in the neck are common sensations among both recreational and competitive cyclists. This type of pain can be felt by many others as well.

You might be able to ignore the pain at first, but if the pain comes back repetitively, it can seriously interfere with both your enjoyment of your sport and your training progress.

How do you get relief from burning shoulder pain?

We often work with athletes, runners and active people. What we do best is help prevent injuries and even enhance speed, strength, and efficiency for athletes.

When we treat cyclists, we start by looking at the body holistically, because everything in cycling is interconnected – the nerves, the muscles, and the joints. In fact, if your physician or chiropractor doesn’t address all three of these issues at once, you are likely to continue to have the same recurring pain that may lead to a more severe or permanent injury.

Solutions to the problems cyclists’ experience, such as burning sensation in the shoulders, numbness of the arms and hands, and tightness in the neck may include:

• A combination of adjustments to allow the spine, adjacent bones, and joints to move well
• Deep tissue massage
• Electrical modalities that promote healing
• Kinesio taping to stop pain-causing muscle and joint inflammation

Also, appropriate stretching and strengthening exercises may be needed to address the weakness or tightness in the muscles that affect the pain in between your shoulders. Strengthening exercises will contribute stability to the joint, while stretching will help to lengthen the muscles in the region and prevent them from “spasming” when stressed.

Along with our help, it is absolutely essential that patients do their part to contribute to their recovery from cycling injuries and/or pain.
We can guide you towards pain-relief so you enjoy your sport. Are you training for something big coming up and feel the drag of body pain, stiffness, or old injuries returning? If so, we can help release your shoulders, hips, and back to better health.