How One Seemingly Innocent Medical Procedure Took Away My Summer

One rough experience I had years ago caused me to decide on a career as a chiropractor.

It all started after high school when I was trying to decide what college to attend and major to pursue. I didn’t have a specific school in mind but all required a wellness physical as part of the application process. So to get things started I decided to get my entry physical and vaccines completed.
When I took this innocent step, I didn’t know what I was in for; a whole summer of pain and the worry that this was “it”.

I received a vaccination that most people get without any side effects. For me however, it ended up causing a severe and violent reaction. As it turned out I was allergic to a dye in the vaccine.
I lost lots of weight, had no appetite, suffered from dizziness, breathing problems and a high fever and couldn’t get the symptoms to go away. Doctors seemed to give up on me and could offer no solutions.

When I was at my worst, my friend suggested I go along with her to the chiropractor. After some time watching them and learning about how a properly working and balanced body can heal itself, I let him treat me too.

I am so lucky that I found this chiropractor. He didn’t give up on me and offered the solution of freeing my body from the tensions, imbalances and pain that ultimately led to my recovery.

This was quite an experience for me, and is why I’m a chiropractor today.

Have you ever thought about what your body has been dealing with lately? Why it might be achy, painful and unhappy?

I often see clients who experience pain that prevents them from accomplishing even normal activities. Over time this can also take a mental and emotional toll.

Just the other day, one of my clients was so relieved to learn that I deal with sports related injuries and not just back pain. For me, I know it’s all important. If you or someone you know is suffering from similar ailments, give us a call – a chiropractic evaluation and treatment may be just what you need.