How to Avoid Knee Pain when Getting Back Into Your Old Activities

It is surprising that even athletes can be unaware of the effect that weight has on their joints. Muscles get a lot of attention and bones probably are next in many people’s awareness. Joints, though, are equally important. In fact, without having your joints in good shape, you will not be able to build muscle, support strong bones or maintain your weight easily.

One new chiropractic client discovered the truth about joint pain. Deborah had kept up a running routine for years. For various personal reasons, she had to lay off this routine for several months. When she started to run again, she noticed that her joints ached more than she remembered. Her knees in particular were really hurting her.

She went to see a chiropractor. In the office, she got relief from the pain but she also learned a lot about why joints need special care.

How Deborah learned about an overlooked treatment to help her knee pain…

The chiropractor explained to Deborah, “The blood flow to your muscles is incredible. When you begin to exercise, blood flow to your muscles increases considerably. Even your bones receive a lot of blood. Your joints, though, are another matter. The tendons, ligaments and joint capsules of your body do not get a lot of blood during circulation.”

This is why you hear about athletes being out for so long when they damage a ligament. A strained muscle can heal quickly if circulation is good because the blood brings needed nutrients to heal damage. Joints need more time to recover.

However, joints are also sensitive to the change of weight gain. Deborah had put on some weight while she was away from running. When she started exercising again, her joints were not ready to support the new weight. Between runs, her knees were hurting and were not allowed enough time to heal because the damage was more significant.

Fortunately, Deborah was able to get the advice and treatment from her chiropractor that she needed to heal quickly. With body adjustments that focused particularly on her knees, ankles and hips, but also helped her whole body move better, she was able to keep running and prevent further injuries.

Deborah also received sound advice on how to drop some of her extra weight without pushing herself in running which was hurting her knees.

It’s important to know that regular chiropractic treatments do not just keep your body in alignment and feeling good; your joints gain integrity from these treatments. They will be able to resist wear and tear better and you will suffer joint pain less often.

Deborah also discovered other reasons to visit the chiropractor regularly. She found that treatments relieved stress and gave her an unexpected emotional clarity. Basically, the support of these treatments enhanced the results that she had always sought in athletic workouts. Her overall health was actually better now that she was incorporating chiropractic treatment into her life.
One of our clients also found relief from joint pain with our treatment. Her daughter was suffering from a painful sports injury. She says:

“Dr. Nicole recently treated my daughter for a sports related knee injury. She did her magic and also recommended follow up at home treatments. Dr. Nicole’s treatment really helped. She knows a lot about sports related problems and not just back issues!” –Sue H
At the first sign of knee, hip or ankle pain, many athletes seek out a medical doctor. Best practice is to let the MD help you with disease if it’s present, because that is their real specialty. We on the other hand can begin healing body injuries and pain in a natural and effective way, very quickly.

Your joints need help moving smoothly so they feel good even if you’ve treated them the best you can. We help you in our office with easy and effective treatments that you can often feel right away. Contact us on our website.