6 Ways Chiropractic Care Can Reduce Back Pain

Chiropractic Bethlehem PA back painIf you suffer from back pain, you are not alone. Approximately 330,000 people visit a chiropractor each year due to back pain.

The biggest problem with back pain is it can cause massive levels of energy loss through your day. As you get into maintaining your daily jobs and tasks while you’re experiencing pain, you’ll feel it and the pain can wear you down. Not only does it hurt but it can cause you to develop a poor attitude throughout the day because of dealing with consistent pain. Worse yet, it saps you of most if not all of your energy leaving none left at the end of the day for those who love you. This often to common fact about pain is what robs you of the quality time you value and the joy you and those around you cherish.

The pain can be debilitating and can also prevent you from keeping up with your health and fitness goals, but it doesn’t have to be this way.

There are two types of back pain, acute and chronic. Acute pain is short-lived, but can be excruciating, while chronic pain can last longer than three months.

Traditional Treatments for Back Pain May Not Be as Effective as Chiropractic Care

Although traditional methods for treating back pain, such as medicine, physical therapy, surgery and steroids temporarily relieve pain, they don’t correct the problem. These treatments are often painful and costly solutions too. That’s where chiropractic care comes in. It is an affordable answer that gets to the root of the problem. The basis of chiropractic care is to correct misalignments that are at the root of the pain. By restoring alignment, it allows for a healthy spine and can relieve headaches, aches and pains and reduced mobility.

The Importance of a Healthy Back

Back injuries can be painful and can deter you from participating in physical activities. Trying to maintain your fitness, stay active and compete in sports is difficult when back pain is interfering. A healthy body all starts with a healthy spine, which helps you remain strong, injury free, keeps you active, and allows you to look and feel your best with better energy leaving you with a better sense of confidence.

6 Ways Chiropractic Care Can Help Heal Your Back

Chiropractors aid your body’s ability to naturally heal itself. It can help you avoid surgery and doesn’t come with the side effects that most medications do. Spinal manipulation is a non-invasive treatment that effectively relieves back pain. They can help in the following ways:

  1. Medical-focused massage. A chiropractor can loosen and relax the back muscles by applying just the right pressure on specific muscles that are part of the pain complex happening in your back. This type of massage may include a prescribed massage from another professional or the use of an instrument or special table in the doctor’s office.
  2. Spinal manipulation. A chiropractor may use his or her hands or small tools to manipulate the spine and ease the muscle tension.
  3. Apply pressure.  Chiropractors can apply a sudden force of pressure, sometimes with the help of a special table that moves with you, in order to move the joint back into its intended position.
  4. Treat injuries. A common practice to relieve chronic pain is called the flexion-distraction technique. It requires the use of a special table that stretches the spine. It helps treat to the damaged discs that result in chronic back pain.
  5. Physical therapy. Treating back pain doesn’t end when you leave the chiropractic office. The chiropractor often gives you exercises and physical therapy to do on your own to speed up the recovery process and reduce back pain.
  6. Referrals. Your chiropractor may also recommend seeing other health professionals for a well-rounded treatment plan or they may themselves provide a specialty “next step to health” service. The plan may include dietary changes, physical activity, change of habits and other lifestyle changes.

You don’t have to suffer from chronic back pain or refrain from physical activities. Dr. Nicole Muschett, your Bethlehem PA “running athlete’s choice chiropractor”, has the solutions you need to relieve the pain and get back to doing the things you enjoy most. Make an appointment today for a complimentary back pain consultation to find out what your back pain means and what typical natural remedies have been proven to work the best to finally alleviate your pain.